Privacy Policy LLC «Activeplus»

This Privacy Policy («Policy») describes what information about Users may be available to Mobile Applications and how information obtained by Mobile Applications is used.

The purpose of this Policy is to strive by all available means to ensure the security of users’ personal and confidential data, and the open use of Activeplus LLC’s Mobile Applications (the «Mobile Applications»).

  1. Purpose of information collection and processing

The Mobile App collects and processes information about Users, including their personal data, in order to provide and improve the Mobile App features and comply with applicable laws and regulations:

  • implementing, providing, further supporting the product;
  • maintaining security measures within the use of the Application and preventing data loss;
  • accepting and processing inquiries regarding the operation of the Mobile App;
  • optimizing and improving the Mobile App.
  1. What kind of information does the mobile app collect and process

Personal and confidential information provided by the User (in particular mobile device data) is used to ensure the smooth and high-quality functioning of the Mobile application. In some cases, the Mobile App collects personal information about the User for the purpose of registering to the Mobile App (e.g. phone number).

Data collected and processed by the Mobile App:

  • User data (provided by Users):
    1. Phone number (required for registration in the Mobile application in order to create an account);
    2. E-mail (information to be provided at the user’s discretion);
    3. Alias/ID (information provided at the User’s discretion).
  • Mobile device data (required for the correct operation of the application):
    1. device attributes — battery level, software version;
    2. networks and connections — connection speed;
    3. location data (GPS/Glonass) — data about User’s exact or approximate location;
    4. camera and its settings — image size and quality, device camera characteristics;
    5. microphone;
    6. physical activity.
  1. Collecting and storing information

The Mobile App requests the User’s permission to collect information dynamically the first time it is launched, notifying the User of the need to grant permission to the Mobile App.

The information is stored on secure servers. Adequate technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure data security, including access control, firewalls, encryption, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure), SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for data transmission.

Mobile Applications do not seek to collect information aimed at identifying (determining) specific individuals — users of mobile applications, however, in the process of using mobile applications, and as a result of users’ actions to use their functionality, certain information about users becomes available to mobile applications, the list and purposes of which are given above. Also, the Mobile App does not check personal data for accuracy.

  1. Who and under what circumstances can gain access to personal and confidential information

The data obtained by the Mobile App is not transferred or sold in any form to third parties not related to the development, support and promotion of the Mobile App; the data are not used for display advertising. In addition, the Mobile App does not collect or process data that has not been granted access to.

This data are primarily required:

  • for further improvement of the Mobile application, and are available to developers, testers of the application;
  • for prompt resolution of possible issues and problems arising during the use of the Mobile application, and are available to technical support staff;
  • for analysis and formation of statistics, maintenance of feedback on quality and implementation of the product, and are available to administrative staff of the company.
  1. Information provided directly by users

Mobile applications allow users to register an account by logging in using their social network accounts (VKontakte, Facebook), in which case the mobile application can obtain information about the user name specified in the profile. This information can be used by mobile applications in order to provide the necessary functionality according to the user’s rights.

Mobile applications may allow the user to fill in the data required only for creating a new user, including the user’s nickname, phone number and e-mail address, and save them on their servers. Sending them to a third party is not allowed.

  1. Changes to the Policy

The Policy can be changed. Any changes made to this document will be published on this page.

In case of any additional questions or doubts about the Policy, the user has the opportunity to address the corresponding request to the Owner of the mobile applications by e-mail: